Norvegija-Jørpeland: Žaidimų aikštelės įrenginiai

Norvegija-Jørpeland: Žaidimų aikštelės įrenginiai

I dalis: Perkančioji organizacija

    I.1) Pavadinimas ir adresai:

      Oficialus pavadinimas: Strand Kommune
      Adresas: Rådhusgata 2
      Miestas: JØRPELAND
      Pašto kodas: 4126
      Šalis: Norvegija
      Asmuo ryšiams: Jarle Vetrhus Karlsen
      Interneto adresas (-ai):
      Pirkėjo profilio adresas:

II dalis: Objektas

    II.1.1) Pavadinimas:

      Framework agreement – playground equipment
      Nuorodos numeris: 2022/2717

    II.1.2) Pagrindinis BVPŽ kodas:

      37535200 Žaidimų aikštelės įrenginiai ;

    II.1.3) Sutarties tipas:


    II.1.4) Trumpas aprašymas:

      The contracting authority intends to enter into a 2-year framework agreement with an option for 1 + 1 year, for the purchase and delivery of playground equipment.
      The contract will be used to purchase goods both with and without associated services.
      Through this agreement, the contracting authority wants to ensure access to robust products with a long durability and lifespan.
      Tenderers must provide assembly of and foundations for the equipment upon request, but the Contracting Authority reserves the right to do this on its own.
      Consultancy and solution proposals for projects are covered by the agreement.
      Construction services such as excavation, foundations and facilitation may be relevant in some projects, and these services will mainly be performed by the contracting authority's own framework contractor for construction services or in-house, but the contractor must also be able to provide such services.

    II.2) Aprašymas:

    II.2.1) Kitas (-i) šio pirkimo BVPŽ kodas (-ai):

      37535200 Žaidimų aikštelės įrenginiai
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